Writing to MPs

Why write?

The word from insiders in MPs’ offices is that emails and letters are taken very seriously – and counted! For everyone who takes the time to raise an issue with them, they know there are many more people who feel the same way. If they receive lots of correspondence on a particular issue, it will be discussed in policy meetings and can have an effect on decision-making.

MPs are supposed to respond to all communications from their constituents, but they are much more likely to sit up and take notice of a personal email or letter as it shows their constituent cares enough to take the time. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an email or handwritten letter they all count.

You don’t have to be an expert. Keep it short (a page or less) and personal. Write what you feel. Explain why the issue matters to you and, most importantly, what you want your MP to do about it.

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Here are some examples, tips and issues to get you started!


Issue briefings with email examples

We’ve prepared some briefings on current important climate issues for you each briefing has a summary and background notes with suggested questions to ask, who to send it to and an email example of how to do it. Choose an issue that appeals to you, click on the photo, and go for it!

Then, when your MP replies (or doesn't!), follow up and keep them accountable – check out the tips in the speech bubbles below.

If you'd like to have some company while you're writing, join one of our MPEGs (MP Engagement Groups)!

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Energy transition




The Safeguard Mechanism PASSED

*WIN* - legislation strengthened and passed, April 2023

Ask the federal government to stop mining coal and gas now

Demand an end to government subsidisation of fossil fuels


No to Viva’s proposed floating gas terminal in Corio Bay


Upgrade building and construction standards to net zero

Demand stronger EV and vehicle emissions policies  

Gas cooking, heating and hot water is cooking the planet

Oppose government funding for new gas at Beetaloo

Demand investment in clean green hydrogen, not blue or brown

Demand a stop to gas drilling near the 12 Apostles

Say NO to the Narrabri gas project, and a ‘gas-fired’ recovery


Climate and environment




Demand the Samuel Review recommendations are implemented

Demand protection for our Great Barrier Reef

Land clearing

Tighten land clearing legislation across Australia

Demand governments preserve wildlife habitat

Demand governments join the dots on floods, fires, drought and climate

Ask government to support better agricultural practices 

Demand an end to native deforestation

More stimulus for conservation and land management projects

Climate justice




Our food security is at threat from global warming

Demand government enshrine a duty of care for future generations

Human Rights claim due to Australian inaction on climate


Ask governments to back BZE's Million Jobs plan

Ask for an active response to the Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan 



Democracy and governance




Congratulate and connect with your new or re-elected MP

Make an appointment to meet with your MP

Stop the influence of the fossil fuel industry on politics

Ask your council to set net zero targets

Right to Protest

Repeal anti-protest laws

Climate Security Risk

Demand Government releases this “too hot to handle” report

Submissions and briefs




Links to climate-related projects accepting public submissions 

Issues of democracy and parliament influencing climate outcomes



Brief notes on some extra climate topics





Track your contact with elected reps here!

More helps and tips

Email template

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Writing tips

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Write a letter to the editor

Following up

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