Meet Our Volunteers

We are a volunteer-powered organisation! Our amazing volunteers devote their time to facilitating Climate Conversations, raising funds, organising events and countless other activities that keep us going. To find out how you can be a part of our team, click here.


Cait Coffey-Wong | Volunteer Coordinator

Cait is a Bachelor of Arts graduate (French and International Studies). She has been volunteering with Climate for Change since January 2017, firstly as a Fundraising and Communications fellow, then as Social Media Coordinator and now simultaneously taking on the role of Volunteer Coordinator. Cait is passionate about addressing climate change both personally and professionally. She sees how it is tied to almost every other issue - political, social, economic or otherwise - and will only exacerbate existing inequalities.


Ilona Mutuku | Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Ilona is a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) student who has been volunteering with Climate for Change since March 2020. She believes that Climate Change is a big issue, but not so big that everyday individuals can’t work to inform and empower their communities towards Climate Action. Even overly caffeinated and unreasonably busy individuals like herself. She is currently working as the Assistant Volunteer Coordinator.


Julian Atchison | Climate Update Editor

Julian began volunteering at Climate for Change in 2016, first as a facilitator then helping to research and compile our fortnightly Climate Update newsletter. In this role he brings the most up-to-date climate news, solutions and actions to our supporter base. Julian also writes for Climate Scorecard and volunteers with other climate action groups around Melbourne. He is passionate about creating a more climate-literate public and to empower more people to get involved in civic action. He's right at home at Climate for Change.


Nell Azuri | Team Leader and Mentor

Nell has spent most of her career in Instructional Design, clarifying ideas so they can be communicated as effectively as possible. She believes discovering common ground is an essential first step to good communication – especially in regard to climate change! She loves Climate for Change's model, and was thrilled to train in the first cohort of Queensland facilitators. She has gone on to become the first Queensland team leader and mentor facilitator.


Georgia Dunshea | Accountant

Georgia works part time as an accountant for various clients, and has two primary school aged children. In 2016, she became more acutely aware of the climate crisis and felt the need to take action. After discovering Climate for Change, she trained as a facilitator and later came on board to assist with the monthly accounting tasks. Georgia is passionate about helping people understand the climate crisis and see the urgency of the situation. With much still to learn, she is keen to find her best way of contributing to the climate movement.


Noel Skrzypczak | Volunteer Bookkeeper

Noël is a visual artist with a background in teaching. She has a deep love of nature and is passionate about preserving it for future generations. Having completed studies in Accounting and Bookkeeping, she is thrilled to be working with an organisation that empowers people to create the changes we need to solve climate change.



Sue Dwyer | MP Engagement Group Coordinator

Sue joined Climate for Change as a facilitator and volunteer in October 2016. Her background is in writing, editing and teaching, and she has worked on several projects to inspire young people to action on climate. Sue is a passionate advocate of citizen democracy -  encouraging people to actively participate and demand climate action from our governments, and to make our world more sustainable and socially just. She is currently coordinating the MP engagement groups.


Kira Whittaker | MP Engagement Group Leader

Kira Joined Climate for Change as a facilitator in late 2017 whilst undertaking her Master of Environment degree. Before volunteering with Climate for Change, she had never considered the power that she had as a citizen to tackle climate change, beyond buying the right things at the supermarket. Kira works for Darebin City Council’s climate emergency and sustainable transport team, and convenes a community climate action group called Hume Climate Action Now. She is currently volunteering as the MP Engagement Group Leader.


Jon Clarke | MP Engagement Group Volunteer

Jon Clarke is, amoungst other things, a performing artist and a project manager. He is part of the team that runs MP Engagement Groups (MPEGs), designing and delivering resources and sessions to help people articulate their concerns about the climate crisis to their elected members and other stakeholders in government.



Lois Meier | Community Events Volunteer

Lois works in the education and humanitarian space, helping to deliver courses aimed at people working in the humanitarian field. Her work ranges from learning development and academic support to translation and project management. Lois has been volunteering in a project management capacity over the last several years for community based or art projects. She has a strong love for nature and hiking and is passionate about projects which involve community and dialogue, all of which led her to volunteer for Climate for Change.


Meghan Butler | Fellowship Volunteer

Meghan joined Climate for Change as a volunteer in March 2020 and has been helping out with this year’s fellowship programme. She has a background in healthcare and a Master’s degree in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response, so is keen to promote understanding of the devastating effects that climate change has on communities across the globe. Meghan was really inspired by Climate for Change’s approach to promoting both awareness and action in tackling the Climate Crisis and jumped at the chance to get involved.


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