Meet Our Volunteers

We are a volunteer-powered organisation! Our amazing volunteers, some of whom are listed below, devote their time to facilitating Climate Conversations, raising funds, organising events and countless other activities that keep us going. To find out how you can be a part of our team, click here.

Sue Dwyer (she/her) - MPEGs

Sue joined C4C as a facilitator and volunteer in October 2016. Her background is in writing, editing and teaching, and she has worked on several projects to inspire young people to action on climate. Sue is a passionate advocate of citizen democracy: encouraging people to actively participate and demand climate action from our governments, and to make
our world more sustainable and socially just. She currently mentors MPEG teams.

Alice Anderson (she/her) - MPEGs

Alice joined Climate for Change in 2018 as part of the Fundraising & Communications Fellowship. She then trained as a facilitator, and continued volunteering in various roles. Alice studied a Bachelor of Environments, majoring in Geography, Politics & Culture, which is where her passion for climate action grew. Although currently residing in Japan teaching English, she couldn’t stay away from C4C, and is excited to be a part of the MPEG team.

Carmen Agius (she/her) - Finance

Carmen is a Chartered Accountant with a background in financial accounting and auditing and currently works in the not-for-profit sector. Carmen has always been passionate about the environment and has been a supporter of C4C for many years. She believes that the C4C conversation program is an excellent way to involve people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to engage in discussions about climate change. Carmen has been volunteering as part of the finance team since March 2021.

Sally Ho (she/her) - Communications

Sally is a student majoring in International Studies at Monash University. She has always been concerned about climate change, but the moment the issue truly struck a chord was when she saw Greta Thunberg sitting on her own outside the parliament, demanding change. That moment pushed Sally to take action, and that is how she chose to become involved with Climate for Change. She is currently the communications assistant for the volunteer program.

Em Stephens (she/they) - QLD Intern

Emily began their journey with Climate for Change in 2022 in the Fundraising & Communications Fellowship. They work, live and study on Yuggera country and acknowledge the first peoples of the land. Emily is a student at Griffith University studying a Bachelor of Law and Environmental Science. They have always been passionate about the environment, educating people on the concerns we face each day and unlocking skills that everyday people can use to make a change.

Georgia Eastment (she/her) - Fundraising

Georgia has recently graduated from Monash University with a Master of Environment and Sustainability. Georgia's theory of change is strongly embedded in grassroots action and community mobilisation. To Georgia, environmental and social justice are heavily intertwined. That's why, as a previous fellow at C4C and a current Donor Engagement Officer, Georgia continues to activate for a whole of community approach to effective climate action.

Belinda Griffiths (she/her) - Community Projects

Belinda grew up on beautiful Bunurong Country, south of Melbourne, and her family heritage is from Ireland, England and Germany. She has been with C4C as a volunteer or staff member since 2019. Belinda's first interaction with C4C was through facilitator training with the Communities Leading Change project, in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. Through this program, Belinda further developed her skills in listening and supporting conversations. She loved learning from people living in the Latrobe Valley who are contributing to the critical work of transitioning away from coal, to a green and prosperous future for the community and its ecosystems. Belinda then worked with C4C to share these inspiring stories, leading the publication in 2021 of C4C's wonderful magazine "Transitions: Stories of Gippsland Communities Leading Change". These days, Belinda is sharing stories from the Climate for Change community through C4C's exciting new podcast! Volunteering for this project, Belinda has learned many new skills and has loved working alongside kind and creative people. By day, Belinda works as a Program Manager with Lowitja Institute, Australia's national institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research.

Adrian Flitney (he/him) - Climate Researcher

Adrian has a PhD in Quantum Physics and tutors physics and mathematics online as well as occasionally coaching chess at high school. He has always been passionate about nature, first as a cycling addict then bushwalker/cross-country skier, and now as a kayaker. He became interested in climate change in the 1980s when working for the Dept of Science and has become increasingly concerned as successive governments in Australia (and around the world) pushed the issue aside. He joined C4C in the early days of the organisation wanting to contribute to the effort for change. He works as a researcher for their newsletter.

Emily Banks (she/her) - Climate Researcher

Emily is a solar energy engineer who has always loved being outside in nature. Volunteering with Climate for Change opened her eyes to the many solutions out there to help protect our beautiful world. She has been a climate conversation facilitator over the last few years and is now volunteering as a contributor and editor for our fortnightly newsletter.

Catalina Munoz Acosta (she/her) - Communications

Catalina is conscious and passionate about veganism and sustainability, with experience in digital marketing and design skills. She became vegan five years ago after discovering how cruel the animal industry is and is damaging our earth. Since then, Catalina decided to support brands that do not harm the planet and align with her ethics. Changing her way of thinking, habits, and likes makes her feel the need to do more to help and what better way to do it than using her skills by supporting the Climate for Change team?


Issie McCalman (she/her) - Climate Researcher

Issie is a 25 year old based in Sydney, living by the beach with her best friend/cat Hollie. She grew up on a farm in Central West NSW, and has always loved being surrounded by animals and outdoors activities. She majored in government relations at uni, including studies on environmental justice and environmental science, prompting a further understanding of the extent of climate change and the disproportionate impact on vulnerable communities. She started volunteering with climate 4 change in 2022 as part of the team pulling together the climate update newsletter and is loving the opportunity to expand her own knowledge on the ever changing climate landscape and sharing this with others in the community.


Sarah Brenan (she/her) - Climate Researcher

Sarah is a retired book editor and has been increasingly worried about climate change since 2005 when she read Tim Flannery’s book The Weathermakers. Her family philanthropic foundation has been giving money to climate and environmental organisations for 15 years but it never seems enough! She was a facilitator at Climate for Change in the early days, occasionally joins the MPEG group sessions and more recently has been on the team producing the fortnightly climate update.

Aboriginal flag Torres Strait Islander flag

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia, whose sovereignty was never ceded. We acknowledge that Indigenous peoples around the world are at the forefront of climate change, both in experiencing its effects and leading solutions for change. We pay our sincerest respects to all Elders, past and present.