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Having lots of quality conversations about climate change is one of the most effective things we can do to stop it.

To help you have more effective and targeted conversations about climate change with others, Climate for Change offers a learning experience that includes engaging with written, pre-recorded materials and digital learning materials, as well as live virtual webinars, mentoring and workshops.

Our online mini-course will inspire you to create social change through conversation, and build support for climate action in the community. We want to help you support and motivate others to take effective climate action, and talk confidently about climate change with those around you. Throughout your entire learning journey we want you to experience personal growth and find opportunities for leadership within the climate community.

Fantastic job in delivering this course. The variety of text, video, audio, presentations, discussion was great to keep my attention and focus. Whilst I had previous thorough knowledge of the content and social theories, I gained a lot because I learned what climate science/impact information to include (and importantly, exclude). Ticks for process, delivery, content, variety, and inspiration! - Melinda (C4C Facilitator)

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Our Mini-Course


Talking about Climate Change, will get you learning about what makes a meaningful conversation and how to effectively talk about the problems and solutions with different audiences. We’ll introduce our theory of how we think change happens, and the reasons behind our Climate Conversation model/structure. You’ll also learn some key tools to use in your conversations about climate change everywhere.

Inside the course, you will find a variety of learning resources: videos, guides, interactive activities, discussion boards and quizzes to test your knowledge. Take it at your own pace, and revisit the lessons as many times as you like.



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Please note: our mission is to create the social climate for effective climate action in Australia. Although we are pleased to offer the first course - Talking about climate change - to anyone regardless of your location, it will include some Australian-based content.