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Having more and better conversations about climate change is one of the most effective things we can do to stop it. Climate for Change volunteer facilitators are key to making such conversations happen at a scale large enough to really shift the social climate on climate change in Australia.

If you are looking for something meaningful and effective (and fun) to do to stop climate change, read on.

"I used to find talking about climate change extremely confronting and had struggled to share my concerns with others. Now I have started facilitating conversations and I don't intend on stopping. The people involved with Climate for Change constantly give me the energy and buzz to keep going!" – Charles, facilitator
“Facilitating Climate for Change Conversations has been an incredible experience. I have learnt a lot about myself and about how to have effective conversations on climate change, which has been extremely valuable. During the Conversations, it was amazing to see people learning and empowering each other to take real action and the discussions were inspirational and exhilarating.”
– Oli, facilitator
“I have been a climate activist for 10 years and given lots of talks about both the science and the emotional aspects of engagement and disengagement, but this event did both in an integrated way and was the most satisfying I have experienced.” – Carol, facilitator

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What do facilitators do?

Climate for Change facilitators are trained to run our Climate Conversations in people’s homes. These Climate Conversations are part presentation, part facilitated discussion. The facilitator’s role is to help guests understand:

  • what climate change means for them and the things they care about most
  • what needs to be done to stop climate change and how quickly
  • what they can do that is most powerful and effective, then inspire them to take action.

Being a facilitator also involves supporting hosts prior to their Climate Conversations to ensure their success.

The best facilitators are not climate-change experts but people who are good at listening and passionate about making a difference. Most of the climate-change information presented at a Climate Conversation is shown in a video; we provide training and ongoing support for everything else.


We ask facilitators to commit 3-5 hours a week for a minimum of six months, during which time you should aim to facilitate two Climate Conversations each month.

We match you with an existing Climate for Change "Mentor" facilitator so you have “on the job” support as you get started.

We encourage facilitators to find their first host or two among their networks. After that, your hosts will come from the Climate Conversations you facilitate.

To find out more, click on the relevant button below and head to the FAQ section.

By signing up on the pages below, you are expressing your interest in becoming a Climate for Change volunteer facilitator. Check your email for your next steps. We're looking forward to supporting you to get started!

Facilitate in MelbourneorFacilitate in BrisbaneorOther

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