In the media


Conversations that create a 'climate for change'  - Subtle Disruptors (November 2018)

Climate for Change with Katerina Gaita - "Bad" Behaviour Podcast (September 2018)

Katerina Gaita - All Good In The Hood (August 2018)

Social change through lounge discussions - On Purpose (August 2018)

Gabriella Maher: "Six weeks waste free, and counting" - Climactic (July 2018)

Oli Moraes: "Creating a Climate for Change" - Climactic (June 2018)

Climate action in a time of Trump - Dumbo Feather Podcast (August 2017)



Radio Interviews

Support, Healing and Activism - BZE Community Radio Mondays (February 2017) [3CR]

Climate of emotion: hope - Radio National (November 2016) [ABC]

Changing Climate - The Sustainable Hour (May 2016) [94.7 The Pulse]




Raimond and Katerina Gaita: A Climate of Change - The Wheeler Centre (September 2018)




The Climate Change Issue - Dumbo Feather (June 2017)

Jetstar June 2017 Magazine (p. 139) - Jetstar (June 2017)

Climate change meets party plans as activists organise dinners to save the planet - ABC News (November 2016)



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