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Climate for Change is supporting thousands of conversations about climate change to happen all around Australia. We're most influential in our own social networks, so the Climate Chats format is designed to help you have a chat about climate change one-on-one with a person you already know.

Using an online survey, it's a great way to open a discussion about climate change with a friend or family member. It could be someone you've found it difficult to broach the topic with in the past, or just someone you think is ready to take the next step towards action.

It will help you realise your shared concern, and transform that concern into hope, action and community.

The Climate Chat takes about 15-30 minutes to complete, depending how much you break off to talk. You’ll follow a set of carefully designed questions that will guide you to have a meaningful conversation. Step-by-step it will help you to identify effective actions that you could be taking together, and how to make them happen.

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Please note: our mission is to create the social climate for effective climate action in Australia. Although we are pleased to offer this survey to anyone regardless of your location, it will include some Australian-based content. Due to resource restrictions, the follow-up actions are currently only available to people based in Australia.