Host a C.A.F.E. — Climate Action For Everyone!

The Climate C.A.F.E. is a 1.5 hr session which anyone can host and run in their home or online. It's about connecting with a group of friends to take action on climate change together in a variety of ways and keep each other accountable. The focus is on actions that have the potential to create real change on the systems we live in.

C.A.F.E. attendees will be able to choose from a ‘menu’ of actions to participate in together:

TALK: having new conversations about climate change

POLITICS: engaging with your local MP

ENERGY/MONEY: shifting your energy or money away from fossil fuels

LEARNING FROM FIRST NATIONS CULTURES: discovering information about the traditional custodians of your local land

MY STORY: Creating and sharing a story about why you support strong climate action.

The C.A.F.E. menu helps me to clearly show my friends HOW to take climate action on a range of things, from divesting to writing to our MP. I'm looking forward to our next meetup! - Debbie, C4C community

Hosting a Climate C.A.F.E. is easy


1. Register to host a Climate C.A.F.E. session.

Fill out your details below, including a date and time for your C.A.F.E., and check your inbox for the resource link.

Register to host a Climate C.A.F.E. now!

2. Invite your mates over.

Taking action in a small group is more fun and keeps everyone accountable.

You can meet up in person or online.

The Climate C.A.F.E. session takes around 1.5 hours.

3. Use the C.A.F.E. 'menu' to guide you.

It's a 'choose your own adventure' of climate actions, all in one handy resource.

Your group can choose from: Talk, Politics, Energy, Money, Learning from First Nations culture or Sharing your story.



Get started right now! Fill out your details below, and check your inbox for more information and the C.A.F.E. resource link.

Please note: our mission is to create the social climate for effective climate action in Australia. Although we are pleased to offer this resource to anyone regardless of your location, it will include some Australian-based content. Due to resource restrictions, some of the follow-up actions are currently only available to people based in Australia.