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What if my MP has no interest in my issue?

Just because an MP may not be personally interested in a certain policy area doesn’t mean they won’t respond to, or represent, your views. Show them how much it means to you and their interest may well increase. Always remember that MPs are there to represent you.

What if my MP already supports my issue? Should I still contact them?

If your MP supports your issue, consider them a powerful ally and work to maintain a relationship with them. Are there ways in which you can help each other to raise the profile of your issue? You might also write and thank them for their hard work - everyone likes to be appreciated.

Do I need to be an expert about the issues?

Not at all. It helps to understand the subject, but your passion for an issue is what will leave a lasting impact on your MP, not your knowledge.

How can I keep track of what my MP is doing?

Some sources you can use to find out about your MP and their views are:

Why is now a really good time to be engaging with my MP?

Now is a critical time for engaging with MPs because there will be a federal election in the next few months. It’s much easier to influence the government or opposition parties before they make policy decisions rather than after. If you communicate your concerns before or during these periods you are more likely to get their attention - and before an election MPs will be more receptive to any issues that secure them votes.

Lots of other organisations are also gearing up to lobby MPs and political parties in the lead-up to the election.

Where else can I find information on climate issues to write about/talk about with my MP?

Climate change effects on Health:  https://www.dea.org.au/fact-sheets

CCL's community site https://community.citizensclimatelobby.org/learn/

Adani FAQs

2013 article with some still relevant questions for MPs

What other organisations target MPs and government about climate?

Answer = LOTS! Check their websites for information on their areas of interest and/or actions.

There’s a big list here.

A few of the main ones are:

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