Find an MP Engagement Group

Getting together to do something sure beats lying awake at night worrying about the lack of performance in Canberra. It’s amazing how good it makes you feel, working together and encouraging each other to put pressure on our MPs and get some action in parliament!

Here are the upcoming venues for climate action! Choose a venue near you and click on the RSVP link. Enter your email and we'll send you the venue address. Then all you need to do is turn up for a couple of hours, with your laptop or tablet, and there’ll be some templates, materials, people and ideas to make it easy and fun to make a difference. 

Most groups meet regularly. We'll keep updating the list as new dates and venues are confirmed.

Hosting an MP Engagement Group

If you’d like to step up even more and host a group (in your home, the local library or pub...) click here and we’ll be in touch to help you do it.



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