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Coronavirus means right now the primary focus by our governments has to be on the health and well being of Australian people and communities. But this time will pass and the Australian economy will need rebuilding. Our country needs significant changes to climate policy and a strong plan for the future. Rebuilding offers huge opportunities for transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable economy. There is growing public momentum for our governments to act on climate and now is the time to build on that. The more of us who demand action, the more our politicians will listen.

While we're physically distancing, we can still put pressure on our MPs. Join us online - it’s amazing how much better it makes you feel, working together and encouraging each other to get some action in parliament!

The climate crisis hasn't gone away and we need to keep our politicians on their toes. It matters to MPs what the mood in their electorate is and what constituents want. But they can’t know that unless we tell them!

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  • Tuesday, September 01, 2020 at 07:30 PM · 16 rsvps
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    Zoom MPEG – 1 September 2020

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    You'll need your laptop or tablet, and we'll have templates, materials, and ideas to make it easy to make a difference.

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    Newcomers welcome! What are you waiting for? :)


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