8 June 2023

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Dear MPEG leaders and supporters,

Our MPEG coordination crew (Carly, Sue, Peter and Chris) have decided to take it in turns writing these updates, this month it’s from Sue 🤓💃. Hope you’re keeping warm and well wherever you are in Australia!

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Government climate action is not enough

We’ve now had a year of a Labor government in Canberra, which has brought some welcome movement on federal climate and environment policies, such as an increased emissions targets and an improved Safeguard mechanism.

Unfortunately, however, it’s not nearly enough. Political decision-making is not happening at the speed and scale we need in this critical decade for climate action. In addition, state governments hold most of the powers for mining approvals, land clearing, and forestry, and until the new EPBC Act is legislated the federal government has limited powers to review or intervene. We’ve still got so much to do!

Some recent local MPEG actions:

A heartfelt thank you for the wonderful work you’ve all been doing in your MPEG groups and as individuals to push your MPs to do more.

1. Victorian MP Katie Hall said “Yes!” to Angela and her AP4CA group’s request to set up a Climate Advisory Group for Footscray! I'm looking forward to hearing about their first meeting. Here’s a help sheet if you would like to set up a group like this in your electorate, state or federal. 

2. The SA MPEG protested the toughening of anti-protest laws in their state. Sadly, Victoria, NSW, Qld and Tasmania have also introduced more draconian anti-protest laws in the past few years. Use the Right to Protest briefing on our website as a guide to opposing them. 

3. Sue spotted Independent MP Helen Haines in the Grampians last month and couldn’t resist having an impromptu meeting on climate. Helen said she is absolutely horrified about the future without drastic climate action and is a strong and sincere advocate in parliament. She took a selfie of us and sent it to my MP with a climate message! 

4. Carly spoke with around 15 people at Eezu and Marlene’s Sydney MPEG in April. Two attendees have already locked in their first meetings with their MP Tim James of Willoughby. The group also met with NSW MP Jenny Leong, Greens member for Newtown. They spoke about Sweltering Cities, the inequity of climate-related impacts from urbanisation, and fast fashion. Jenny offered to book them a room in PARLIAMENT HOUSE to host one of their sessions and write emails! Eezu and Marlene also hosted a ‘divestment day’ action gathering with co-founder and ex-CEO of Future Super Kirstin Hunter as a guest speaker on capitalism, activism and ethical investing.

There are many issues that you could meet your MP to talk about — check out our tips online for Visiting your MP and get in touch with our volunteer MPEG team for help every step of the way!

Timely actions to take with your groups:

Ask for a moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects until the new EPBC Act is legislated. The Albanese Government needs to fulfil their election promise and fast track reform of the EPBC Act. Check out our EPBC Act briefing and add a request to pause any new fossil fuel projects until the EPBC Act is properly assessed and strengthened.

It’s crucial that we pressure the Federal Government  to stop the “emissions bombshell” that will result if fracking in the Beetaloo Basin project proceeds.  We’re preparing a new issue briefing on Beetaloo. Until then, you can adapt the old one on our briefings page.

Tighten land clearing legislation across Australia: Dr Kate Dooley and colleagues recently released the globally reviewed Land Gap Report, which challenges the concept that we can continue to burn fossil fuels while absorbing CO2 in land and forests. There is simply not enough land. Watch her full presentation here and use our new issue briefing to write to your Federal MP and relevant ministers.

South Australia has joined the ranks of states who have toughened up their anti-protest laws. This is a democracy and human rights issue. Use the Right to protest briefing to help lobby your state MPs to wind these laws back.

The usual reminders:

  • Don't forget to follow up if your MP doesn't reply – and to keep the conversation going when they do! Tips for this are in the speech bubbles at the bottom of our briefings page.
  • Join our MPEG volunteer team – we need you now more than ever! There are roles assisting with writing issue briefings, monitoring public policy, calling and emailing interested folks, general admin or posting on social media. Please reply to this email if you are keen 😎 
  • RSVP to our next MPEG Community meetup on June 13, 7.30pm AEST

MPEG resources and supports:

Thanks for all that you do. Please keep up the great work!

My very best wishes to you all.

Sue, on behalf of the MPEGs team













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