1 September 2023

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Dear MPEG leaders and supporters,

It’s officially spring this month, although it's felt like spring for a while now with warmer days and some confused plants flowering early. I’m nervous about the predictions of increased bushfires this summer, particularly after the horrors of the northern hemisphere summer this year.  But, I have to admit, I’m (guiltily) loving the increased sunshine and looking forward to a sunnier summer after three years of rain and clouds!

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MPEG community session with guest speaker, Leigh Ewbank - September 12 at 7.30pm AEST

Our next MPEG Community session will feature Leigh Ewbank, who currently works as Senior Climate Outreach Manager for Solutions for Climate Australia at CANA. Leigh is an excellent presenter with a wealth of knowledge about climate campaigning with MPs and government. He previously worked at Friends of the Earth where he coordinated several successful Victorian community campaigns on wind farms, renewable energy targets and emissions reduction.

It’s also a chance to keep in touch with the MPEG community and share your experiences. We’d love to see you there and I guarantee you’ll come away inspired to take some more action! Established groups and newcomers all welcome!

Climate “actions” from government

As usual, there’s not nearly enough action from governments. Victoria has joined the ACT in banning gas from new developments 🥳 but NSW says it won’t 😞. The Albanese government is approving renewable infrastructure 🥳 but also new fossil fuel projects😞. The Intergenerational Report released last week claims global warming will severely impact the Australian economy, but there is no announcement of this signalling an emergency needing urgent action 😞. And the new EPBC Act, which could make a substantial positive difference, has still not been legislated 😞.

What some MPEG supporters have been up to

A heartfelt thank you for the wonderful work you’ve all been doing in your MPEG groups and as individuals to push your MPs to do more.

Belinda, Melinda and Angela (pictured here with Mick from Lighter Footprints) attended the CANA (Climate Action Network Australia) conference and the Awesome Grassroots Strategy Training in Brisbane last week to upskill on climate action. We’re looking forward to updates from them soon.


Angela, Belinda, Anna and friends called many MPs’ offices ahead of the Labor National Conference about Middle Arm, Beetaloo and releasing the ONI report (on security risk arising from climate change). Calls to MPs carry a lot of weight and have the advantage of being immediate. Anna also organised a calling party at her local library to ask Senators to support David Pocock’s Duty of Care bill.

MP visits - about Middle Arm and Beetaloo, getting off gas, fossil fuel developments, salvage logging and land clearing:

  • Helen met with McNamara MP Josh Burns.
  • Peter, Chris and Angela Clarke from Moonee Valley Sustainability met with Maribyrnong MP Bill Shorten’s key staffers. 
  • Peter, Chris and Teresa from Moonee Valley Sustainability met with Danny Pearson, Vic State MP for Essendon.
  • Sue and Katherine from Doctors for the Environment visited Cooper MP Ged Kearney.

There are so many issues that you could meet your MP to talk about — check out our tips for Visiting your MP and get in touch with our MPEG team for help every step of the way!

Timely actions to take with your groups:

Keep writing, calling, and visiting your MPs and ask them to lift their game. 

Ask for a moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects until the new EPBC Act is legislated. The Albanese Government needs to fulfil their election promise and fast track reform of the EPBC Act. Check out our EPBC Act briefing and add a request to pause any new fossil fuel projects until the EPBC Act is properly assessed and strengthened.

Tamboran has started drilling and is allegedly dumping toxic water from fracking already. It’s crucial that we pressure the Federal Government  to stop the “emissions bombshell” that will result if fracking in the Beetaloo Basin project proceeds. This briefing also covers the proposed Middle Arm gas hub development in Darwin Harbour.

Independent Senator David Pocock introduced a Duty of Care bill to Parliament in response to the UN’s comment that adverse effects of climate change affect the rights of children. Here’s a great speech by David Pocock on his Bill. The bill was referred to a Federal Senate committee inquiry and public submissions will be accepted until 20 October 2023. This briefing is a little out of date but may still be a useful template.

There’s more issue briefings on the MPEG webpage.

The usual reminders:

  • Don't forget to follow up if your MP doesn't reply – and to keep the conversation going when they do! Tips for this are in the speech bubbles at the bottom of our briefings page.
  • Join our MPEG volunteer team – we need you now more than ever! There are roles writing issue briefings, monitoring public policy, calling and emailing interested folks, general admin, and posting on social media. Please reply to this email if you are keen 😎 
  • RSVP to our next MPEG Community meetup on September 12, 7.30pm AEST

MPEG resources and supports:

Thanks for all that you do. Please keep up the great work and hope to see you at the event on September 12!

My very best wishes to you all...

Sue, on behalf of the MPEGs team

Aboriginal flag Torres Strait Islander flag

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia, whose sovereignty was never ceded. We acknowledge that Indigenous peoples around the world are at the forefront of climate change, both in experiencing its effects and leading solutions for change. We pay our sincerest respects to all Elders, past and present.