We're excited about Queensland: A community-led clean energy future

Our strategy to supercharge a community-led clean energy transition in 2023.

We know that strategic, targeted climate action is essential to building a safe future for Australians.

And we know that the transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy must be led by the communities at the forefront of change - the communities experiencing climate damage now, and the communities who have powered our state and nation for generations.

That’s why we’re focused on Queensland in 2023, working with rural and regional communities and Climate Leaders to create a new program - Communities Leading Change.

Helping to build community power for clean energy in regional Queensland for a fast and fair shift to renewables.

Queensland has been Australia’s industrial base for decades. In order to take advantage of the state’s abundant natural resources - the sun and the wind - a skilled workforce and an existing industry base, we need to make sure the Queensland government’s plans to stop burning coal are fast and ambitious, and have a strong community championing the change we need.

Right now, local, organised grassroots support for clean energy in key communities across southern regional Queensland is critical to hold the government to account and to ensure the transition to clean energy is fast, fair, and reflects what local communities want.

We know this, because we’ve seen the impact of a community-led renewables shift before.

In 2018 and 2019, C4C worked alongside Gippsland Climate Change Network to create the first Communities Leading Change, a conversation-based program to support Latrobe Valley locals following the closure of one of Victoria’s biggest coal-fired power stations.

What we saw was a region deeply concerned about climate change and supportive of strong action, but uncertain about future economic and job security impacts of widespread change.

So we held a series of Community Conversations, creating space for individuals and industries to be heard.

From these conversations, people reported feeling more connected to their community, and feeling more strongly committed to taking action on climate change. A local action group was established, Communities Leading Change, with the aim of developing and advocating for a concrete proposal for a just clean energy transition in line with climate science.

It was a win for locals, for renewables, and for Australia’s climate future.

Our goal in 2023 is to bring people in southern regional Queensland together, to share our hopes and fears for the future of our local communities, and to build support for the transition to clean energy in a way that truly reflects what locals want. Just like we did in Gippsland..

We're proud of the strategic work happening right now up north. We’ve built support for climate action and clean energy across Australia - now it’s time to build support in key communities that have the potential to supercharge the transition in a way that is fast, fair and reflects what locals want.

Follow our journey as we work for change in Queensland.

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