Switch your power company


Why switch?

“The electricity sector is the largest source of greenhouse emissions in Australia. 87 per cent of our electricity still comes from coal and gas fired power stations.” (source: Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide)

Some big corporations are working against renewable energy and lobbying our government against action on climate change to protect their profits.  These are the same companies that many of us buy our energy from.

You can choose to support energy companies that are helping to minimise the impacts of climate change. 

Learn about the Dirty Three

Read about the Dirty Three energy companies -- Origin Energy, AGL and EnergyAustralia -- that are holding back investment in renewables. “Origin Energy, EnergyAustralia and AGL currently provide electricity to over three quarters of Australian households. ‘The Dirty Three’ sometimes market themselves as environmentally conscious, but their ‘green’ initiatives are small compared to their investments in coal and gas generation.” (source: Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide)


Choose a climate-friendly power company

The Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide ranks Diamond Energy and Momentum Energy as the two greenest electricity retailers in Australia. For details, you can read the guide and visit each company’s website to learn about their pricing.


Will you pay more?

These websites can help you compare prices among energy companies:

Victorian Energy Compare

St Vincent de Paul Energy Report


Tell your old power company why you’ve switched

For your action to have the most impact, your energy company needs to know they’ve lost you because of their actions on climate change. Send them a quick message to let them know why you've switched.

Tips for writing a message:

  • Tell them you know they lobbied against the Renewable Energy Target.

  • Include your customer reference number / account number.

  • Tell them you’ve taken your business elsewhere (they might not make the connection if you don’t).

  • Be polite. The person reading your message may not even be aware of their employer’s actions.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m a former customer and I am writing to let you know that I have changed to another power company because of your actions in relation to the Renewable Energy Target.

I am concerned about climate change and I believe that having an ambitious RET is important for a safe climate and the future of Australia. I was disappointed to learn that your company lobbied the Government to have the RET scrapped or reduced in 2015.

I hope in future you will choose more responsible climate action.

Ima Changemaker

You can send your feedback to the big three energy companies here:

Origin Energy




Should I buy GreenPower?

You can further support the Renewable Energy Target by choosing the GreenPower option with your energy provider.

By choosing one of the top energy retailers as ranked by Greenpeace, you are supporting a company that has supported the Renewable Energy Target. If you choose GreenPower, your money will contribute to supporting the growth of renewable energy in Australia. That means your GreenPower will help us to exceed the Renewable Energy Target, which is the kind of action we need right now.

Learn more about GreenPower at Environment Victoria’s website.

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