• Let's make 2020 our biggest year of climate action yet

    A letter from Katerina Gaita, Climate for Change's Founder and CEO, on how to harness the movement's momentum and make this year our biggest climate year yet.

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    Host a Conversation

    “I've been truly surprised by the lasting impact of my Conversation amongst friends who were previously silent on the issue – we are still talking about it nine months on!” – Jarrod, host

    Most Australians are concerned about climate change, but are confused and overwhelmed - they don't know how Australia should respond or what they personally can do.

    Social research shows that we make sense of confusing information and decide what to do about it through conversations with people we know and trust.

    So we've taken the party-plan model made famous by Tupperware® and adapted it to allow meaningful discussions about climate change to happen at scale.

    We start with a host, who invites friends to their home. We send a trained facilitator to present information, answer questions and facilitate a discussion about climate change.

    Social distancing? Not a problem - we are continuing to facilitate online Climate Conversations during the Covid19 pandemic, using Zoom video conferencing. This means your guests can dial in from anywhere in Australia (or beyond!)

    At the end of the discussion, we invite guests to join us in taking regular action. We also invite guests to host their own Climate Conversation with their friends, so we can grow exponentially!

    “I was pretty nervous to host ...But as soon as the night started ... it was really nice to see that everyone was impacted like I was even though climate change may not be a regular discussion amongst the people who came. I was also really excited that only one of the nine people I invited didn’t come. I feel re-inspired to act on climate change.” – Carli, host

    Hosts provide food and drinks for their guests; a trained facilitator does the rest. The ideal Climate Conversation size is 8-12 people, and it's a good idea to leave 2-3 weeks to organise the event. (The minimum number of guests for a productive discussion is four.)

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Katerina is a climate communicator, specialising in community engagement. Her passion and expertise are in helping lay people to understand the problem and challenges we face in climate change then inspiring and empowering them to make a difference.


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