Demand your super fund ditch climate wrecking companies

(from The Post, Michael West Media, ABC, and Market Forces)

TAKE ACTION: Demand your super fund ditch climate wrecking companies


Australian superannuation funds' investment in fossil fuels has doubled over the past two years, Market Forces has found. Their analysis shows investment by Australia's largest 30 super funds in high-polluting companies rose from $19bn to $39bn since 2021. At the same time, clean energy investment from super funds decreased by half a billion dollars to $7.7bn.

The top three superfunds with the biggest investments in high-emitting companies were UniSuper's balanced fund, Commonwealth Super Corp's PSS default, and MLC's MySuper Growth. The report found that the default investment option of Australia's largest super fund, AustralianSuper, had increased its investment in fossil fuels with a massive buy up of Woodside shares in 2022.

The combined 129 gigatonnes of emissions from expansion projects funded by the super funds would consume half of the remaining global carbon budget for keeping global warming to 1.5C. Woodside, Santos and Whitehaven are responsible for 59% of projected emissions from the fossil fuel expansion plans of companies in the average super fund's portfolio.

Almost all of the super funds analysed have signed up for net zero emissions by 2050 or acknowledge that climate change poses significant risks.

The sector is facing a crackdown from regulators, with the financial regulator ASIC launching its first legal action for greenwashing against Mercer Super for "allegedly making misleading statements about the sustainable nature" of some of its investment options.

It comes as the Labor Party grapples with an internal split over support for new gas projects, with the party risking the loss of urban seats to the Greens.

Ask Tanya to protect our sharks and rays

Support the AMSC and urge Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to protect our endemic sharks and rays.

In 2024, Tanya Plibersek, is reviewing three of Australia's most damaging fisheries.

Together, these fisheries are contributing to a global 'extinction risk hotspot’. We must put rules in place to protect these precious endemic species before they're gone forever.

The first two of these fisheries to be reviewed are in NSW - the Ocean Trap and Line Fishery (OTLF), and the Ocean Trawl Fishery (OTF)

We have 6 weeks to have our say!

Add your name to send an email urging Federal Environment Minister Plibersek to protect these species from fishing.

Sign the Climate Trigger pledge: ask Albo to act now

Support Lock the Gate's campaign to include a climate trigger in Australia's environment laws.

Our current federal environment laws are out-dated and ill-suited to dealing with the impacts of climate change on the environment. They were passed by the Howard government 25 years ago!

Labor had a welcome election promise to rewrite them and legislate stronger laws in their first term but it now appears they've been delayed again.

Back in 2005, Anthony Albanese introduced a Bill to address the problem, saying: “The glaring gap in matters of national environmental significance is climate change….It is time to act. It is time for procrastination to end.”

However, the Federal Government still hasn't done anything to make a safe and liveable climate a core consideration in our environment laws.

That’s incredibly weak, and it leaves Australia vulnerable to untold damage. Please take the pledge and join the campaign this year to put climate at the heart of environmental decisions.

Sign the climate trigger pledge here!

Voice your anger at Labor's Future Gas Strategy!

Pretty much everyone who cares about the climate crisis and a safe future is angry about Labor's new Future Gas Strategy (announced last Thursday). Even Labor MPs are reacting to it and the party is divided.

It's spruiking more gas developments until beyond 2050, with no exit plan for gas. Despite the UN, IPCC and climate scientists saying no country can open new fossil fuel projects if we want to limit global heating. And we don't need more gas domestically or for exports - this is just smoke and mirrors by the gas lobby.

Let your local MPs know what you think about this. Calling their offices is the quickest action to take. Visit or email them too. Tell them: "No more gas or coal"!

You can watch a short summary of the strategy by Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute.

Or read the whole thing here.

There's also a great Juice media video here!

Join the Climate Council and Bushfire Survivors call for a pause to federal approvals of coal and gas

Click here and sign the petition!

The Climate Council has joined Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action in calling on the Albanese Government to pause all polluting fossil fuel project approvals until the new national environment laws are legislated. 

The climate impacts of new developments must be properly considered in the approvals process.

Find out more about Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action here.


Sign Seed Mob's petition to ban fracking in the NT

Seed Mob are calling for a total ban on fracked shale gas in the Northern Territory because it will irreparably damage our water, country and climate. 

Help by signing their petition here!

Join an action near you for Rise up - 29 April to 10 May

Across Australia, communities have faced a summer of devastating climate impacts, from cyclones and floods to sweltering heat waves. Yet fossil fuel companies are fueling the flames of the crisis, pushing ahead with risky coal and gas.

And, despite being elected in a historic wave of support for climate action, the Albanese government is still approving more coal and gas projects.

With an upcoming Federal Budget deciding what gets funding, now is a crucial moment to rise up and make your demands loud and clear: no approvals or handouts for coal and gas.

Many climate organisations are joining together for 10 days of action from Monday 29 April to Friday 10 May.

Find an action near you on these sites:


Lock the gate

Move beyond Coal

No more gas and coal for Australia

MP Engagement session- 21 May 

Join us at our next online action session on Tuesday 21 May at 7.30pm (AEDT), with guest speaker Carmel Flint, Campaign Co-ordinator at Lock The Gate, who will share her experiences campaigning against gas developments, walking alongside First Nations people, and in Parliament. 

This will be followed by the usual opportunity to take action on local and national campaigns or other current climate issues. We'll support you to put effective pressure on our Federal and State MPs by writing emails and planning calls and visits to them. If you're new to this activity there'll be plenty of help and all the resources you need to get started.

RSVP here - We'd love you to join us again then. As usual, newbies and regulars all welcome!

Last session (April)...

At the April session Peter Moraitis from the Beyond Gas Network briefed us on points to talk to our MPs about ceasing exploration and expansion of methane gas in Australia.

You can find out more at these links from BGN:

  • Talking points on gas
  • Methane emissions - a guide to what MPs need to to make sure Methane emissions are properly recorded
  • Water trigger - request the Environment Minister to call in project proposals - currently proponents are supposed to alert the Minister if their project will damage water resources but relies on self-report and honesty.
  • Duty of care - the proposed new law

For more resources, check out the our dedicated issue briefings pageAt the bottom of the page, in the speech bubbles, are tips for responding to MPs when they reply - or don't! Click on the pictures and links and explore of what's there. We also have templates for calling MPs about climate issues, and for asking your MP for a face-to-face appointment. You can also find links to other climate organisation's campaigns and petitions and useful links on this page.

We'd really appreciate if you could log your contact with elected reps here, or use the button on the webpage. This is important as enables us to assess the impact of MPEGs by tracking the number of emails, visits and calls that we all make.

Why is Labor stalling on the new environment act?

Let the Environment and Water Minister Tanya Plibersek know you're unhappy with the delays on legislating the new environment laws. Email her today!

The old laws hark from the Howard era - they're 25 years old!

We need laws that look after our environment and for future generations, rather than big fossil fuel interests. Laws that will help stop new fossil fuel projects so our emissions can come down, and will protect our water and environment from fracking and other projects.

First Dog's cartoon in the Guardian today had a great statement about Tanya: "Every environment minister before Tanya Plibersek has failed us and for every minister after her it will be too late to do anything. So Tanya is the one.”

While you're at it, email the Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen as well, asking him to use his influence in cabinet and caucus to push this issue.

If you need help getting started there's an example email here.

Click on the image to view the cartoon in The Guardian.

Australia's "overshoot" day was 5 April this year

If every country lived like we do in Australia, the world would have exceeded the demand for ecological resources and services that Earth can regenerate this year by 5 April !

A country’s overshoot day is the date on which Earth Overshoot Day would fall if all of humanity consumed like the people in that country.

Overshoot Day for the whole planet last year was 2 August. 

What can you do?

Individual actions count but government actions are way more powerful. Tell your MP Australia needs to be more sustainable, and we need legislation to make this happen. You could start by demanding the government speed up the revised EPBC Act (called the Nature Positive Act). For tips on how to engage with your MP and more info on the proposed new legislation see the briefing on our webpage.

Or call the office of Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to demand urgent reform of our nature laws. Tips here

(If you want calculate you individual ecological footprint you can do it here.)

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia, whose sovereignty was never ceded. We acknowledge that Indigenous peoples around the world are at the forefront of climate change, both in experiencing its effects and leading solutions for change. We pay our sincerest respects to all Elders, past and present.