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Run for Change and fundraise for climate action!

Firstly, a huge thank you for stepping up and fundraising with us.

Your support is crucial for engaging and inspiring Australians to act on climate change.

Our fundraisers are absolute climate heros. Without you we wouldn't be able to continue building the Australian climate movement one conversation at a time.

This is your one-stop-shop with all the resources you will need for fundraising throughout any of our campaigns, be it the annual crowdfunder or fun run.

marta_headshot_c4c_round.pngIf you have any questions regarding the portal, resources or fundraising, please contact our Community Fundraising Manager, Marta, at marta@climateforchange.org.au.

Every amount raised really makes a difference so we can’t thank you enough.

Happy fundraising!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Getting the most out of your campaign

We’re putting together some resources to help your campaign be successful and rewarding to you - we recommend anyone reading the 'Fundraising & Crowdfunding' one, then to choose the ones relevant to you. To access a resource, please click on the image or heading.

Introduction to Fundraising

Social Media

Direct Messaging


Email Templates

Below are some email templates you can use for your fundraising campaign. Feel free to tweak them, and remember to check out the guide to asking by email here.
1st Email
Other Email Templates


Climate for Change FAQs

Answers to all your questions about the organisation, our achievements and how to communicate our mission.

  • Read our 2018 Annual Report here.
  • View a 2-page flyer about C4C here.
  • See testimonials from previous hosts here.

Fundraising/Crowdfunding FAQs

If you need to know anything about fundraising, here's the best place to look!

  • To learn how to set up your Raisely page, click here
  • If you're Running for Change and have any questions, have a look at our FAQ page here.


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