Ongoing Facilitator Training - March 2023 (Meeanjin)


OFT Agenda: Guest Workshop - Regenerator Cafe by Aurora Gyorffy

At OFT we come together to connect as a community, reflect and learn from recent Conversations or events, and also welcome guest speakers.


Cultivating a regenerative world moment by moment starts with regenerating self and communities. We can do this together by:

  • Healing personal, intergenerational and community traumas 
  • Building connection between people & community with empathy 
  • Supporting and preparing people for the changes that are coming 
  • Redefining success, wealth, work and meaning 
  • Cultivating respect and empathy for other's perspectives and opinions 
  • Cultivating respect for land and Country 
  • Teaching and incentivising self care

The Regenerator Café is a peer support arena, where you will be led into a deep enquiry to discover your next steps in cultivating a Regenerative Culture in your personal and professional life, so that you can thrive whilst doing good for the planet.

You will discover:

  • What makes a culture regenerative
  • The transformational levels of deep listening 
  • The power of the Relational Ethos
  • Your next steps toward a Regenerative Lifestyle for yourself and the Planet.

This workshop is not a miracle cure to change everything at once.

But it does offer tools you can practice immediately in your own life to play toward Cultivating a Regenerative Culture in your sphere of influence. Like a ripple effect, we all play a powerful role in creating positive change, in small and large ways, your influence goes further than you know. What will your intentional ripple be?

Date: Saturday 18th March 2023

Times: 10am-12:30pm

Location: Montague Road, West End, Meanjin (Brisbane)
Exact location will be sent to all RSVPs.

Inspired by Regenerators Australia, The Empathy Circle & The Work That Reconnects

Facilitator Bio

Aurora Gyorffy

Aurora is a Possibility Coach and Regenerative Culture Facilitator. She has an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal (holistic) Counselling and brings experience from Eco-psychology Education, Sustainability Leadership, Environmental and Renewable Energy Engineering, Non-Violent Communication, Possibility Management and conflict transformation. She has hosted Empathy Cafes with the Centre for Building a Culture of Empathy, Climate and Eco-Wellness Conversations and Facilitated the Joyality Program an ecopsych-education toolkit for change makers. 

She is passionate about cultivating regenerative cultures through: 

  • having a rejuvenating relationship with our inner world, 
  • spreading compassionate communication skills for resilience through conflicts and triggers, 
  • fostering a sense of belonging and relationship to place within our local communities and landscapes; and 
  • regenerative design and nature stewardship that incorporates cultivating eco-wellness within ourselves.
March 18, 2023 at 10:00am - 1pm
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