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At C4C we do a lot with very little. But we can't survive - and we can't grow - on volunteer labour and good intentions alone.

Luckily, we have an incredible community of supporters and volunteers who each year over six weeks do and give what they can to help us raise over 50% of our budget through our annual crowd funder.

That crowd funder, and those efforts, are quite literally our lifeblood. Without them, we would not have done any of the groundbreaking work we have done so far - face to face conversations with over 6000 people, expanding to Queensland and Latrobe Valley - would never have happened.

This year our plans to double our reach, and to expand to other areas where our work can be most impactful, depend on raising at least $180,000 by 7th June - which we can do with your help.

Sign up today and do something fun, rewarding and incredibly impactful!

Last year over 100 people engaged their communities in all sorts of creative ways over six weeks to raise a combined total of $166,000. Some raised $300; some $3000 or even more! Every bit helped. This year we're looking for 150 people to do their bit to enable our reach to grow even further.

Not sure? Nervous?

That's normal, but the world won't change if we don't make it - and this is a really powerful way to make a difference. We'll support you all the way. You'll be amazed how much you learn and grow through it. Have a listen to what previous fundraisers have to say about their experience:

What's involved?

When you sign up, you’ll get your own fundraising page on our crowdfunding site. You can personalise it as much as you like, then set a fundraising goal and do whatever you like (as long as it is legal and not offensive) to reach it.

Previous fundraisers have done everything from simply asking friends to donate to their page to cycling from Melbourne to Canberra! Lots of people do challenges and events (from simple movie nights to a Harry Potter Trivia Night) and others sign up to our wine drive, selling wine from our partner winery to friends and family.

Whatever you choose to do, we’ll support you with resources, tips, pep talks and by connecting you to and fantastic community of the people fundraising just like you.

To find out more about the different ways you can fundraising, check out our info sheets below:

Challenge_CF2018.png Event_CF2018.png Wine_CF2018.png Sales_CF2018.png
Challenge Fundraiser: Event Fundraiser: Wine Drive: Sales Fundraiser:
Set yourself a challenge. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Be as creative as you like! Put on an event like a movie night, a cocktail or dinner party, an art & craft show or a trivia night Invite your friends to order wine through our wine drive. It’s all set up for you. All you have to do is promote it and organise your friends to pick up the wine from you when it’s done If you’re creative or you have a secret talent making something, sell your work/wares, to friends or through other channels, and donate some or all of the sales to Climate for Change.

Sign up here now and when our fundraising site is ready, we'll make you have your very own page, which you can personalise. We'll also be in touch to provide regular support and answer any questions.

We can't wait to have you on board!






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