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The Facilitator Journey

Get Start Phase [4-8 weeks]

Emerging Phase
[2-3 months]

Established Phase

  • Sign up / Express Interest
  • Mentor Program
    • Host a Conversation (Mentor facilitates)
    • Conversation Debrief
    • Book and Maintain a Conversation
    • Facilitate a Conversation
    • Debrief with Mentor
  • Training
    • 3 hour training session: personal narrative development and setting yourself up to facilitate

3 x conversation cycles of:

  • Book
  • Maintain
  • Facilitate

Ongoing conversation cycles, potential to become a Mentor Facilitator to support Get Start Facilitators


“What's the detail?”

  • We ask facilitators to commit 3-5 hours per week for a minimum of six months, during which you will aim to facilitate two Conversations per month.
  • We provide all the training you’ll need to run C4C Conversations - these are part presentation, part guided discussion.
  • We match you with an existing C4C "Mentor" facilitator so you have “on the job” support during the 'Get Start' phase in the diagram above.
  • We train you to source, lock-in and support hosts prior to Conversations to ensure their success.
  • We encourage facilitators to find their first hosts among their networks. After that, your hosts will come from the Conversations you facilitate.

All of our training is developed to be as effective and engaging as possible - we're always reviewing it so that it's the best for you. Here's a guide to what you'll get to experience in your training month:

“I’m ready to get started now, what's my next step?”

We can match you with your Mentor as soon as possible and get your training started!

Your Mentor will call you for an initial hour-long phone chat (or catch up if you prefer) to answer any questions and book in a Conversation that you will host. 

They’ll also talk to you about our Ongoing Facilitator Trainings (so you can meet and work with our facilitator community).


"What do others say about being a C4C facilitator?"

"I used to find talking about climate change extremely confronting and had struggled to share my concerns with others. Now I have started facilitating conversations and I don't intend on stopping. The people involved with Climate for Change constantly give me the energy and buzz to keep going!" – Charles, facilitator
“Facilitating Climate for Change Conversations has been an incredible experience. I have learnt a lot about myself and about how to have effective conversations on climate change, which has been extremely valuable. During the gatherings, it was amazing to see people learning and empowering each other to take real action and the discussions were inspirational and exhilarating.”
– Oli, facilitator
“I have been a climate activist for 10 years and given lots of talks about both the science and the emotional aspects of engagement and disengagement, but this event did both in an integrated way and was the most satisfying I have experienced.” – Carol, facilitator

Simply reply YES to the email you would have received* and we'll match you with your Mentor ASAP.
*(or email [email protected])

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia, whose sovereignty was never ceded. We acknowledge that Indigenous peoples around the world are at the forefront of climate change, both in experiencing its effects and leading solutions for change. We pay our sincerest respects to all Elders, past and present.