Run for change



If you love running, need some motivation to get fit, or just believe in what we’re doing and want to help make a difference, run with us in the Melbourne Marathon Fun Run on 16 October.

Last year we raised $8,500! This year we reckon we can do even better and can get to $15,000.

Money raised will go toward our running costs (no pun intended), including our in-house facilitator training program. We’ve trained 31 facilitators so far and we’re aiming for another 25 by the end of the year - woohoo! 

You can run as an individual or recruit friends and run as a team, then ask your friends and family to sponsor you to run (or walk) 5.7km, 10km, 21km or even 42km! (A bunch of Climate for Change-makers will be running the 5.7km together if you’d like to join us -- the more, the merrier.)

If you raise $300, we’ll reimburse half of your registration fee. If you raise $500, we’ll reimburse all of it. (And if you raise $1,000, our new fundraising manager Jackson will run dressed as Forrest Gump.) 

Next steps:

  1. Head here to set up a fundraising page (see Jackson’s page as an example).

  2. Sign in or create an account.

  3. Set up your fundraising page.
    Fundraising occasion: Melbourne Marathon Festival 2016
    Cause: Climate for Change Inc
    Fundraising page type:
    * ‘team leader’ to start a team (select this if you’re planning to recruit friends)
    * ‘join a team’ if you’re joining someone else’s team
    * ‘individual’ if you’re running by yourself

  4. Customise your page. Pick your:
    * fundraising target (be ambitious!)
    * page title
    * picture
    * page content
    * the content of an automatic thank-you email that will be sent to your generous donors

  5. Tick the terms and conditions and you're up and running!


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