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What we do

Climate for Change is a volunteer-powered, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to increase the number of people concerned about, and prepared to act on, climate change. We help people who care about climate change have better conversations about why they care with the people they care about.

We know that in order to stop global warming, humans need to make some huge changes very quickly. Most Australians are concerned about climate change and want Australia to do more, but our government and business leaders are not making the changes we need. That’s why we need a climate for change – a groundswell of support for strong climate action that those leaders can’t ignore.

Social research shows that it’s through face-to-face conversations with people we know and trust that we make sense of confusing information and decide what to do about it.

Our plan is to facilitate face-to-face conversations about climate change with enough people to shift the social climate around climate change by 2019.


How we do it

We've taken the party-plan model and adapted it to allow meaningful conversations about climate change to happen at scale.

We start with a host, who invites friends to a gathering. We send a trained facilitator to present information, answer questions and facilitate a conversation about what it all means and what we can do about it.

At the end of the conversation, we invite guests to join us in taking regular action against climate change and to have ongoing conversations about what we are doing. We also invite guests to host their own gatherings with their friends.

If each gathering leads to two new gatherings, our reach will grow exponentially – enabling meaningful conversations among hundreds of thousands of friends across Australia in just a few years!


Who we are

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Climate for Change is an incorporated association and registered charity based in Melbourne, Australia.

We are the only organisation in Australia specifically focussed on helping people to have better conversations with their peers on climate change – something that is now being recognised by experts as key to building public support for the action we need on climate change.

We’ve grown from one woman with an idea to four staff members and more than 80 volunteers. (Visit our team page to find out more about us.)

Since 2014 we have:

  • Completed 3 successful crowdfunding campaigns

  • Trained more than 30 facilitators

  • Facilitated more than 100 gatherings
    (we’re currently facilitating, on average, a gathering every 2-3 days)

  • Engaged more than 800 guests at our gatherings


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