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    Help us make our 2020 Online-A-Thon a success!

    We’re thrilled to invite you to our first ever Online-A-Thon event on 1st October, launching our 2020 crowdfunder campaign! 

    Register below to receive a viewing link!

    We have bold plans for next year and beyond. 

    Over the past few years, we've pioneered a new way of helping everyday Australians understand and act on climate change.

    Our results have been remarkable when compared to other "face to face" engagement models. But our recent Impact Report shows we could do even better - we've consistently had more demand to host Conversations and train as a Conversation Facilitator than we've been able to meet.

    So we've come up with an ambitious plan to meet that demand.

    Our goal is to deeply engage and activate 40,000 people to act on climate in the next three years!

    Your support is key in enabling us to do that. 

    That’s why we would love you to tune in and support our crowdfunder campaign at the 2020 Online-A-Thon on Thursday evening, 1st October!

    By joining and supporting our event, you will play a crucial part in launching our campaign with the momentum we need to reach our ambitious goal of $190,000. 

    You can expect a night of remarkable entertainment as Judith Lucy, a renowned comedian, actress and author, will be our host! 

    Judith Lucy will be joined by inspiring speakers such as Simon Toohey, Masterchef finalist and founder of Sustainable Earth Network who will cook live for us during the event, Rebecca Huntley, leading social change researcher, and Damon Gameau, actor, director and producer for works including 2040 and That Sugar Film. Joelle Gergis, award-winning climate scientist and lead author of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment report, Sarah Wilson, best-selling author, journalist and TV presenter, Diana Nguyen, actor, comedian and creative entrepreneur, Felix Riebl, songwriter, composer and lead singer of Cat Empire, and Will Connolly (aka Egg Boy), who since famously protesting against Fraser Anning’s racist remarks about the Christchurch massacre, has gone on to raise funds and advocate for a range of important social justice and climate related causes. 

    We will also be joined by Chela, alternative-pop Australian/Filipino artist, and – for the fourth year in a row, back by popular demand! – Dr Hernandez, with their irresistible mix of electro cumbia, sweet reggae and old-school ska, with a shot of bugaloo.

    We’re also excited to announce that financial advisers Ethical Investment Services, 100% carbon neutral energy provider Powershop, and customer owned B Corp certified Bank Australia will each donate $500 to get the night going. If we reach our goal of $15,000 on the night, they will donate further $2000 each (a grand total of $6,000)!

    While this is a free event, we hope you will help us launch our campaign with a bang by donating to and/or sharing it with your networks. 

    Donations on the night of $100 or more will be eligible for beautiful thank you gifts generously provided by our sponsors: Aesop, Ahimsa Collective, Alpha60, Biome, Black Hearts and Sparrows, Crumpler, KLOKE, Gorman, Halcyon Nights and Mud. Additional thanks to Property Collectives who will be donating $1,000 as prizes for fundraising challenges on the night. 

    Register below and we will send you a viewing link a few days before the event!

    We hope to see you there!

    October 01, 2020 at 6pm
    Live stream - register below to receive details!

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    Writing to MPs

    Why write?

    The word from insiders in MPs’ offices is that emails and letters are taken very seriously – and counted! For everyone who takes the time to raise an issue with them, they know there are many more people who feel the same way. If they receive lots of correspondence on a particular issue, it will be discussed in policy meetings and can have an effect on decision-making.

    MPs are supposed to respond to all communications from their constituents, but they are much more likely to sit up and take notice of a personal email or letter as it shows their constituent cares enough to take the time. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an email or handwritten letter - they all count.

    You don’t have to be an expert. Keep it short (a page or less) and personal. Write what you feel. Explain why the issue matters to you and, most importantly, what you want your MP to do about it.


    Here are some examples, tips and issues to get you started!


    Issue briefings with email examples

    We’ve prepared some briefings on current important climate issues for you - each briefing has a summary and background notes with suggested questions to ask, who to send it to and an email example of how to do it. Choose an issue that appeals to you and go for it!

    Then, when your MP replies (or doesn't!), follow up and keep them accountable - check out the tips in the speech bubbles below.

    (Federal and all states)

    (Federal and all states)

    (Federal and all states)

    (Federal and all states)

    (Federal and all states)

    (Federal and all states) 


    (Federal and all states)

    (Victoria and Federal)

    (Federal and all states)


     (Federal and all states)

    (NSW and Federal)



    (Federal and all states)





    More helps and tips

    Email template

    Write one from scratch

    Writing tips

    General guidelines

    Get published

    Write a letter to the editor

    Following up

    My MP has replied!

    No response

    It's been a month!

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    How to engage our MPs on climate

    Tips and examples for getting started

    How to write to your MP

    How to visit your MP

    How to call your MP

    MP contact details

    Join our next online MPEG

    What else can I do?

    Campaigns and petitions

    Some impactful actions

    FAQs and extra info

    Local groups

    Join or start an MPEG

    Hosting on zoom




    Our Australian Government may seem a long way away in Canberra but it makes decisions that impact your life on a daily basis. The role of our politicians is to represent us. By electing them, we give them the power to make decisions and laws on our behalf. Therefore, it’s important for them to know what we think and what we want them to do - and they don’t know unless we tell them!

    So make your MP work for you! Your MP is your connection to Canberra and represents you there, so get them working on the issues you care about. You don’t have to be an expert. The simple fact that you care is a good enough reason to contact a politician.

    Why now? Why me?

    There is growing public momentum for our governments to act on climate. Now is the time to build on that. The more of us who demand action, the more our politicians will listen.

    It matters to MPs what the mood in their electorate is and what constituents want.

    But they can’t know that unless we tell them.

    Many Australians never attempt to use the democratic power they have because they don’t understand the political system or don’t feel confident enough to contact their MP.

    One of the goals of these resources is to help you step up and exercise your democratic rights to let your local Member of Parliament (MP) and other relevant members of our government know you want more urgent action on climate change.

    These resources are designed to give you some encouragement and guidance to get you started

    If you think it might be easier doing this in a group than on your own, you're not alone! Click below to join one of our MP Engagement Groups!

    Join a Group

    Happy writing and chatting with your MPs!



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    Zoom MPEG – 29 September 2020

    RSVP for Zoom MPEG - Tuesday 29 September 7.30-9pm

    You'll need your laptop or tablet, and we'll have templates, materials, and ideas to make it easy to make a difference.

    We'll send you the Zoom link when you RSVP below.

    Newcomers welcome! What are you waiting for? :)

    September 29, 2020 at 7:30pm
    Zoom link
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    MP Engagement Groups

    While we're social distancing, MPEGs are zooming online!

         RSVP to our next Zoom session here

    Everyone is welcome. All you need to do is to turn up with your laptop or tablet, and we'll show you easy ways to contact your elected representatives and make a difference.

    Getting together to do something sure beats lying awake at night worrying about the lack of performance in Canberra – or other levels of government. It’s amazing how much better it makes you feel, working together and encouraging each other to put pressure on our MPs and get some action in parliament!


    Join or start a local MPEG

    Sitting around a table with friends in your own local area is even more enjoyable - and in the meantime local groups are meeting online. We have MPEGS and affiliated groups taking climate action in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, NSW and the Northern Territory. To connect with a group near you

    contact us and we'll let you know how

    Then all you need to do is turn up for a couple of hours, with your laptop or tablet, and there’ll be people, templates, materials, and ideas to make it easy and fun to make a difference. 

    If you’d like to start your own group with a bunch of friends, let us know and we'll support you to get started!


    In the meantime...

    Checkout our tips and resources or use our  templates to send an email now!

    Another way you can start taking fun and collaborative action today, is by joining one of our social networks. You’ll find local events and campaigns, and meet other supportive people who want government action on climate change.

      Melbourne   Brisbane   Toowoomba   Darwin Sydney



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    Volunteer membership

    Thank you for choosing to become a member of Climate for Change. 

    This page will sign you up as a volunteer member. Volunteer membership is for people who have volunteered with Climate for Change for a total of twenty hours or more over any three month period in the last year. 

    Thank you again!



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    Multiply your impact and donate monthly

    Your regular support is crucial in achieving long-term change. Donate monthly to systematically grow the climate movement and meaningful, bold action on climate change. 

    While the support for climate action among Australians is at it’s all-time high, we still have a lot to do to harness the movement’s momentum to achieve urgent and meaningful action on climate change through conversations. 

    You can help inspire, engage and support more Australians to act on climate change and grow the climate movement through deep, face-to-face conversations in communities across the country.

    By donating monthly, your impact on our ability to be strategic and inspire more Australians to act on climate is multiplied.

    We are powered by thousands of people passionate about creating a safe climate - people like you. We cannot stress enough how crucial regular donations from our supporters are. Can you join our community of monthly supporters and help us achieve meaningful change?

    Whether it's a monthly contribution of $10 or $100, we appreciate your support immensely and wouldn't be able to continue growing the climate movement through conversations without you. Thank you.

    You can also make a one-off donation which will have a big impact, too.

    Please note: donations are not tax-deductible.


Sue Dwyer

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Sue Dwyer

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Translate your concern about climate change into action that really makes a difference. Sign up here.

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Fill out the Post-Conversation survey:

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