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    Responsible to: C4C Chair and CEO
    Location: Flexible, but also attending meetings in CBD
    Work Type: Voluntary - 7-9 hrs per month (includes Board meetings)
    Commitment: 1 year minimum, 2 year preferred
    Start date: April 2019

    About the role

    An ideal role for someone who is systematic, organised and interested in one day being on a Board of Directors (be it for-profit or not-for-profit). 

    You will work closely with our Chair of the Board to ensure all meetings are scheduled, agendas written, important documents received and distributed, meeting minutes are written, and tasks allocated to Board members.

    The proper performance of this role is pivotal to the proper function of our Board. We are, therefore, looking for someone highly reliable who can make a longer term commitment, including attending all board meetings throughout the year (held every six weeks).

    About half the work required for this role can be performed from a location of your choice. However, you will be required to attend all Board meetings in the CBD, as well as a monthly catch-up with the Chair of the Board (either over the phone or in person somewhere in the CBD). The majority of work can be done outside business hours.


    How to Apply:

    Send your CV and a separate document (no more than 2 pages) providing your contact details and answering the below three questions (addressing the Key Selection Criteria where possible) to by 11:59pm on Thursday 28th March.

    Position Description and Selection Criteria

    Click here


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    Ongoing Facilitator Training (VIC) - June 2019

    June's Topic: TBC

    You can also book into other upcoming OFT's here!

    June 12, 2019 at 6pm
    Basement Board Room, Donkey Wheel House
    673 Bourke St
    Melbourne, VIC 3000
    Google map and directions
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    Ongoing Facilitator Training (VIC) - May 2019

    May's Topic: TBC

    You can also book into other upcoming OFT's here!

    May 22, 2019 at 6pm
    Basement Board Room, Donkey Wheel House
    673 Bourke St
    Melbourne, VIC 3000
    Google map and directions
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    Ongoing Facilitator Training (VIC) - April 2019


    April's Topic: Informed Voting in the Climate Election

    Reasons to come:

    • It will be Zey's last OFT, and for Melbourne, it will be held on her very last day in the office.
      • I would love the opportunity to farewell you all in person and celebrate the vibrant, supportive and determined community I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside over the past three years.
    • At OFT we also expect to announce (or in Melbourne, possibly introduce you to!) your new National Program Manager.
    • We will be updating you on our post-election program plans.

    You can also book into other upcoming OFT's here!

    April 18, 2019 at 6pm
    Basement Board Room, Donkey Wheel House
    673 Bourke St
    Melbourne, VIC 3000
    Google map and directions
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    Our Supporters

    More than 85% of our funding to date
    has come from
    everyday people
    who believe in what we do,
    chipping in what they can, when they can.

    Our work over the past three years would not have been possible without the generous support of...


    NR Peace and Justice Foundation

    ...Our partnerships with...


    ...And in-kind support from...






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    2018 Crowdfunder | Make a donation


    Apologies if you've experienced trouble donating to our official 2018 Crowdfunder website - we've contacted the website developers and are working to fix this ASAP!

    In the meantime, we have set up this page so you can still make a donation. Once your donation has been processed we will transfer it to the official website so that it can count toward our total.

    Thank you so much for your support - we can't do it without you!

    The C4C team


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    Letterwriting Tips!

    Why write?

    Make your MP work for you! Your MP is your connection to Canberra and represents you there, so get them working on the issues you care about. You don’t have to be an expert. The simple fact that you care is a good enough reason to contact a politician.

    The word from insiders in MPs’ offices is that letters and emails are taken very seriously - and counted! For everyone who takes the time to raise an issue with them, they know there are many more people who feel the same way. If they receive lots of correspondence on a particular issue, it will be discussed in policy meetings and can have an effect on decision-making.


    Who to write to and how to contact them

    • Your Federal Member of Parliament
      • To find your Federal MP, go here, type in your postcode, click the MP's name, then click on the 'Connect' tab to see their contact details.
    • Federal Senators for your state
      • Find your state Senators and their contact details here, just type your postcode into the search bar.
    • The Prime Minister
      • Contact details here
    • The Leader of the Opposition
      • Contact details here
    • Relevant Ministers or Shadow Ministers
    • State Members of Parliament
      • Why? Policies about energy providers, or issues like fracking and mining, are made at the state-level.
      • If you live in Victoria, you can find your MP here. Select your electorate from the dropdown menu and click search, then click your MP's name to view their contact details (if you're unsure of your electorate, you can search for it here).

    What to write

    (We'd like to acknowledge Amnesty International and Julian Burnside as inspiration for these tips!)

    1. Make it clear that you are a voter in their electorate.
    2. Be polite. Make sure you use their full and correct name and title (click to enlarge).
    3. State who you are. Let them know you’re a parent/teacher/doctor etc., and mention if you have any connections in the community (e.g. attend a local school, belong to a community organisation/group, or work for a local business).
    4. State the reason why you are writing to them and outline very briefly the issue. Tell them how you feel and why it is so important to you. You can use letter templates as a guide for structure, but make sure your letter is in your own words.
    5. Be short and concise. Try to keep your letter to one page or less. If your letter is short and to the point, it will be obvious if their reply to you does or doesn't address your questions and concerns. 
    6. Ask for action. It is good practice to always have a clear action you would like your MP to take. In the case of signing the Safe Climate Pledge, your initial ask is simple (sign it!), but other times your ask may be around raising your concerns with their parliamentary colleagues, or to speak out for the issue you’re writing to them about, or support a particular piece of legislation.
    7. Ask for a response to your requests or questions. So make sure your 'ask' ends with a question mark, because if it doesn't it isn't a question!
    8. When they reply, don’t accept a generic response. Reply to their response if they haven't addressed your concerns, or if you don’t get a response at all within a month. Don’t give up: they depend on people running out of energy.

    Example letters

    If you need some more inspiration, you can read what others at Climate for Change have written to their MPs (click to enlarge):




    Become a volunteer

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    Mentor Portal

    Preparing to Mentor

    Familiarise yourself with the Facilitator Journey diagram, including the focuses at each phase: (click to enlarge)

    Familiarise yourself with the Mentor Program diagram, especially your role in red: (click to enlarge)

    What will your mentee be learning externally to you?

    • Welcome Pack
      • Bigger Picture video
      • Conversation videos
      • How to Start a Movement video
      • Annotated Conversation overview/notes
      • New Facilitator Training Preparation 
    • New Facilitator Training
      • One 3-hour session covering Personal Narrative and Booking Conversations
      • (Your mentee should already be RSVP'd by the time you are matched)
    • First Facilitation pack
      • OFT 'Conversation Discussion' video
      • Donation Training video
      • Facilitation skills handout
      • C4C-tube link
      • Facilitator Portal link

     Mentor tools and resources:

    • [coming soon!]

    While Mentoring

    Below is a summary of the steps involved, for more detail please read the Mentor Guide.

    'Get Start' phone call/catch up

    • Book Conversation and Post-Conversation Debrief dates
      • Send the mentee the Host Guide (they will host)
      • Register the Conversation (you will facilitate)
    • Tell mentee about a Local Groups (Local Group Manager will assign them)
    • RSVP mentee to the next OFT
    • Ensure they can access the Welcome Pack
    • Invite the mentee to the facilitator Facebook group
    • Log the date of this completed call using the right hand button:


    Workbook 1

    Log the Call

    Facilitate mentee's Conversation

    Please refer to the Facilitator Portal for more details:

    • Regular host preparation
    • Prepare yourself to facilitate
    • Regular Post-Conversation admin




    Complete the Post-Conversation Debrief

    Log the date of this completed call using the right hand button:


    Workbook 2

    Log the Debrief

    Check in on mentee's own host prep process

    • Contact your mentee to check they have completed the Host guide with their first host




    Assist with mentee's post-Conversation admin

    Log the date of your First Facilitation Debrief using the right hand button:

    Workbook 3

    Log the Debrief


    Closing-off your mentee

    • Complete the closing-off checklist in Workbook #3: First Facilitation Debrief with mentee
      • Complete your Mentor Reflection [add link]

    Progress Track

    Here you can have a look at your mentor's progress, including the data that you enter for the Get Start call, the Post-Facilitation Debrief and the First Facilitation Debrief (please allow 15 minutes for this to show). 

    Note: You will not be able to edit this table, except via the forms above.

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    Volunteer membership

    Thank you for choosing to become a member of Climate for Change. 

    This page will sign you up as a volunteer member. Volunteer membership is for people who have volunteered with Climate for Change for a total of twenty hours or more over any three month period in the last year. 

    Thank you again!



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    Our work is only possible because everyday citizens like you are stepping up and giving what they can to make it happen. Without your financial support, we could not support the people who volunteer, host and facilitate, and none of what we do would be possible.

    Because your gift supports these incredible volunteers, its impact goes a long way – even a small donation makes a big difference.

    Use this page to make a one-off donation of up to $1,000 (for larger donations please contact us), or maximise your impact and donate regularly.

    (Please note: donations are not tax-deductible)


Serena Davies

Your facilitator is:

Serena Davies

Conversation Guests:
Please ensure that your paper form is filled out, including check boxes.

View our privacy policy.


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