What support will I get?


We've put together a short guide on ways to fundraise here.

And we'll be running fiveĀ Information and Inspirations sessions, where we'll answer your questions and which will help you:

  • Understand the work of Climate for Change and how your efforts will contribute to the success of that work

  • Get a sense of the different ways you can fundraise - what we will ask of you and how we will support you

They'll also be a great opportunity to ask questions and meet other people like you with whom you can share ideas and even combine to form teams!

Each Information Session will be followed by a strategy workshop where we will help you work out a reasonable target and develop a plan to reach it. It's amazing how straight forward fundraising can be when you have a plan!

We've also set up a Facebook group where you can share ideas and ask for help from us or other fundraisers and we'll be in regular email contact with you from the moment you sign up, providing inspiration and resources (such as email templates) to help you and answering your questions.


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