Ongoing Facilitator Training

Ongoing Facilitator Training is an important part of keeping up to date with the latest content and processes. It is also incredibly inspiring – once you come, you’ll be hooked!

Each Ongoing Facilitator Training begins with active facilitators sharing their experiences and learnings from their most recent gatherings. This is followed by a short training session responding to facilitators’ needs at the time, as observed by team leaders or requested by the team.

We look forward to welcoming you at any of these events; please RSVP using available links below.


  • Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 06:00 PM · 14 rsvps
    Donkey Wheel House in Melbourne, Australia

    Ongoing Facilitator Training - April 2018


    We have a great start to 2018 planned, with a series of four Ongoing Facilitator Trainings lined up to springboard our growth. 

    From January to April, the OFTs topics will be as follows:

    1. (Jan) Booking and Maintaining Your Host
    2. (Feb) Getting a Date in Your Diary on the Night
    3. (Mar) Post Conversation Program Launch
    4. (Apr) The Art of Asking (including increasing your donations 

    Please book for all four dates NOW! RSVP below and then go back to the Ongoing Facilitator Training page here to book in for the others!


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